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At MentorCruise, it's our quest to get you to your professional goals in the best way possible. Mentorship is amazingly combined with other programs and services to help you achieve your goals.

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About MentorCruise

The leader in 1-on-1 relationships

A global network of mentees and mentors with the goal to get you where you need to be. MentorCruise offers mentorship in over 4,000 skills and topics within the tech industry, from web development, over product management and customer success management.

“Michelle is a thoughtful and responsible mentor. Within a month, she helped me to get to a better spot with my project. I had an actionable plan after every session with her, and Michelle helped to find the gaps I had and advised me on how to circumvent my blockers.”

Product Design Mentee

When you work with MentorCruise, you get direct access to our ever-expanding network of mentors from the best companies in the world.

  • Risk-free trial. Make sure a mentor is a match for you, with our risk-free 7-day trial and affordable introduction calls. If it ends up not being a match, end the mentorship with one click.
  • Affordable pricing. The cost of having and keeping a mentor can be up to 80% cheaper than comparable offers at similar success rates.
  • Blazingly fast success. On average, it takes our mentees 100 days from start to finish to reach their self-imposed goals with a mentor.

Whatever your goal, from career growth to starting a business, mentors can help you get there faster in a flexible, personalized and effective way.

About Together Software

Easy-to-use employee mentoring software

Together Platform is a cloud-based software solution that provides virtual event and community management tools for businesses and organizations. The platform offers a suite of features that allow users to create, host, and manage virtual events, webinars, conferences, and meetings.


Some of the key features of Together Platform include a customizable event registration page, live streaming, attendee engagement tools, virtual networking and matchmaking, interactive sessions, and analytics and reporting. The platform also offers community management tools, including a discussion forum, private messaging, and member directory.

Together Platform is designed to be user-friendly and requires no technical expertise to use. It can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it accessible to users worldwide. The platform also integrates with other popular software tools, such as Zoom and Salesforce, to provide a seamless experience for users.


Overall, Together Platform aims to provide an all-in-one solution for businesses and organizations looking to host virtual events and build online communities.


Find the right match for you

Comparing both programs, you can make up your mind whether you want to go with a MentorCruise mentor, a different program, or both.

Pricing plan comparison

Together Software

1-on-1 mentorship network

Easy employee mentoring software

Personalized program
1-on-1 advisor
From career change to growth and leadership, explore all

Internal goals (soft skills, hard skills, development)



Starting cost
$39 for an introduction call


Average cost
~$300/mo for weekly calls & chat


Free trial / money-back
Easy to cancel
Student discounts
Financing options

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We’ve already delivered 1-on-1 mentorship to thousands of students, professionals, managers and executives. Even better, they’ve left an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 for our mentors.

  • Naz

    "Naz is an amazing person and a wonderful mentor. She is supportive and knowledgeable with extensive practical experience. Having been a manager at Netflix, she also knows a ton about working with teams at scale. Highly recommended."

  • Brandon

    "Brandon has been supporting me with a software engineering job hunt and has provided amazing value with his industry knowledge, tips unique to my situation and support as I prepared for my interviews and applications."

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There’s no match to having a trusted go-to source for addressing your career-specific needs. MentorCruise comes in to give you access to industry-veterans who have been in your place and know exactly what you need.

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