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Improve student success rate, motivation and sense of belonging!

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What is it?

MentorCruise is providing over 250 students with personal, longterm mentorship by over 50 mentors of companies like Facebook, Netflix and Yelp.

The advantage of MentorCruise is that mentors have a streamlined platform, including Task Management, Chat and Challenges, while mentees have a list of mentors to choose from.

With the Alumni Reconnect Program, MentorCruise is bringing these advantages to self-contained educational communities, such as Schools, MOOCs and Coding Bootcamps.

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Main Screen
Main Screen

How does it work?

Alumni are prompted by the institution to sign up as mentors. After signing up, they have access to all tools for free and are listed on the 'Mentor Marketplace' with their full profile. They can initially set a max. amount of mentees.

Students are able to access the 'Mentor Marketplace' after enrollment and can get a mentor to guide them from the first day to the last - and maybe even after that.

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Did you know?

People with a mentor are proven to have better attendance, success rates and attitudes towards school.1


Minimal effort
Mentors on public marketplace
Part of MentorCruise
Paid or Free Mentorship - chosen by mentor
Moderation by institution
Private marketplace
Private Managed Hosting
Paid or Free Mentorship - Rules set by institution

A well structured alumni program will help you manage student lifecycles better, while improving student successes and experiences.


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