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The best mentor programs in Tech

There are tons of programs to find a mentor - each of them with their own unique details. Even if you don’t end up with MentorCruise - we want you to know about the alternatives.


Thinkful is probably the biggest player when it comes to 1-on-1 mentorship. The program is formal and consists of a set of pre-defined paths: Engineering, Full-Stack, Data Science and Data Analytics.

While the program promises great outcomes, it certainly is not the most affordable option.

Focus: Full-Stack, Data Science, Data Analytics

Model: Pre-defined, 6 month long programs

Goal: Finding a new job

Pricing: ~$1,500/month

Medium: Mentorship through formal program


Codementor is another option to find quick help with coding problems.

Other than most other programs, mentorship here is rather short-term, with most prices being set for 15 minute sessions. If you are looking for help with an immediate problem, it is a great option. If you’re looking for long-term help, probably not so much.

Focus: Bugfixing & Coding Help in a range of technologies

Model: Paid sessions, billed per 15mins

Goal: Fixing code, finding problems

Pricing: $10-$100/15min depending on mentor

Medium: Chat / Possibly Video Calls


MentorCruise is an option if you are looking for a personal mentorship - customized towards your own goals, budget and preferences.

While it isn’t as formal as other mentoring programs, it can be a perfect match if you find a mentor that suits you, have a goal in mind and are ready to put in the required work for it. Some mentors are even free!

Focus: Personal, longterm mentorship in over 400 topics in Engineering, Machine Learning, Design and Business.

Model: Subscription with a mentor, billed weekly

Goal: Personalized to you: Career guidance, learning a new skill, accountability and more!

Pricing: $0-$50/week

Medium: Chat, To-Dos, Coding Challenges, Video Calls, Hands-on support


GrowthMentor - while geared towards business - has a tech influence with many of the mentors being in Tech themselves.

Just like CodeMentor, mentors offer timed sessions. There are a range of free mentors though, making the service more affordable than others.

Focus: Startup advice, coaching, marketing

Model: Paid sessions, billed by the hour

Goal: Getting unstuck, entrepreneur advice

Pricing: $0-$100+/hour

Medium: (Video) Calls

We hope that this guide will be able to help you choose a platform that fits your needs!

If you are looking for longterm mentorship in Tech, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or sign up for a mentor at MentorCruise.

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