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The best resources to get into Web Development

As web development grows to become a crucial skill in many different areas of work, now is the best time to get started. In this section, we are going to showcase a bunch of web development resources to get you started. If you need help navigating this list, feel free to reach out to one of our many personal mentors!


Courses are an easy way to get started, because you get your content explained in a beginner-friendly way - by a professional.

  • Codecademy - Paid program, teaching HTML, JavaScript, Git, SQL, ..
  • Freecodecamp - Free Program, teaching HTML, CSS, JS, Databases, Git, Node…
  • Udacity courses - Free courses, Besides AI, some HTML, CSS and JS courses
  • Pluralsight - Paid program, lots of high quality courses for all levels of proficiency
  • SkillShare - Paid courses
  • Udemy - Paid courses, the biggest collection of all
  • Khan Academy - Free courses with a few courses in HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, …
  • Lynda (now LinkedIn Learning) - Paid program, very practical courses and tutorials


Services can be a little more costly, but are also probably the best way to get started, since they are more hands-on.

Udacity Nanodegreeses

The reason why I’d put Udacity here is because their Nanodegrees are not only a collection of courses - they come with human graded assignments, a community, office hours and more. Nanodegrees usually start at a few $100 per term, but can get very costly.

Personal Mentorship by MentorCruise

Our platform connects you with a personal mentor, who will help you with any goal you might have. We offer a large range of engineering and web development mentors, including mentors from Google, Apple, Microsoft and co. Prices are reasonable and range between $0 to $200 per month.

Lambda School

Lambda is a full-time, 30-week school, with the goal to get you hired in Tech. The intensive program offers remote online classes in Web Dev, UX Design and more. The best part: The program is free until you get hired, after which you pay a share of your salary. If you don’t get hired - it’s free!

Reading Material

  • Dev.to - The Dev.to community publishes a big amount of blog posts everyday.
  • Packt Books - The packt catalogue is not only affordable, but includes many worthwile books, written by professionals.
  • O’Reilly Books - O’Reilly books are probably the best known books in the industry
  • HackerNoon - One of the worlds biggest development blogs, publishing readworthy content every day.

While this list is already extensive, it’s nowhere near everything that is out there. If you are not sure where to begin, consider reaching out to our personal mentors!

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