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Booking and planning a mentor session within a minute

We have introduced MentorCruise Sessions a few months ago to make it easier to talk to a mentor. Forget applications, time-consuming back-and-forth. Getting in touch with a mentor now takes about 3 clicks and one minute.

What are Sessions?

Sessions are our counterpiece to a normal mentorship. While mentorships are often meant to be at least months-long, a session takes no longer than an hour at a time. It’s a smaller commitment and a faster payout.

Sessions describe our set of 20 to 60 minute calls that usually follow a specific flow, such as an interview preparation or review of your CV.

There’s only one downside to sessions: It is not long-term. After your session, your mentor is not responsible for you anymore, until you book another one. That’s different from our core offering.

How can I find a session?

The Sessions page will show you all sessions which are currently available, and how many mentors are available for it. It allows you to book anything from a short introductory call to a full hour with a mentor of your liking, for very favourable price points.

We allow you to book sessions right away. If a mentor is listed for you, they are available. There is no need to inquire, to ask around or to have a back-and-forth about this. Just book and get in touch. You can always get a refund, of course!

Should I apply to a mentor or book a session?

That is entirely up to you of course, but let us explain the difference.

Applying for long-term mentorship

If you are looking for someone to stay by your side, guide you through career, studies or learning, then you should seek out mentors and apply to them to be their mentee.

The long-term mentorship is usually the cheaper option, if you would like to work with a mentor over a longer period of time.

The process to apply to a mentor is a little bit longer though, you will have to fill out a form, wait for response, have a bit of back-and-forth and do a trial week to be sure that a mentor is right for you.

Booking a Session

If you need some help, some input or someone to practice with, then a session is what you are looking for.

A session is fast and casual. There is no back-and-forth needed, just book and start a session right away. If you need someone to talk or some advice right away, this is the way to go.

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