How to find a coding mentor

Published Dec. 28, 2018

Getting mentorship early in your career is both crucial and incredibly difficult. According to studies, 1 in 3 people will grow up and start their career without a mentor in any form. We will show you how you can get a coding mentor.

How to find a coding mentor


Before you go out and ask people to mentor you, ask yourself: What do I expect from this? Mentorship can have different goals and it is important to have one to start with. There are thousands of goals that your mentorship can help you to reach, and those are just some of them:

Finding the perfect person

Who knows, maybe you already have the perfect mentor in mind. Someone you followed for a while, but never had the guts to reach out. The first thing to do is to ask these people. Many industry professionals will be happy to help you out and make you reach your goals.

However, successful people are busy and finding a mentor like that isn’t always easy. That’s why there are dedicated communities like MentorCruise which can help you find premium mentors — either paid or fully free!

With our database of over 60 mentors, including top coders from companies like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, we are sure you might find somebody using our Mentorship Marketplace.

Making it work

Congratulations! Now you know where to find the perfect mentors. But what now? You are in luck! On our blog, we regularly give advice on how to make mentorship work! Check it out!