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How to find a mentor for longterm success

The beauty of the MentorCruise is that our mentorship isn’t done in sessions. You pay a weekly price - but we’re set up to form mentorship relations that last for months and even years.

We’re setting you up with mentors different than other providers. You can browse our open marketplace with over 110 mentors to look for your perfect match. Then you can apply to them, getting accepted or not. If you are getting accepted, you are formally getting set up with your longterm mentor.

This makes us different from most other mentorship providers:

  • We are formal, so your mentor stays with you no matter what.
  • We are set up to be longterm, with an average length of mentorship of 50 days (we’d like it to be longer though!)
  • We offer a more than reasonable price, with the average mentee just paying $80/month for a longterm and 1-on-1 mentor. Something that our mentors could earn with an hour of work with other providers.

In the past, we’ve already written about the benefits of having a support system like this set up, but if you’re still not convinved, we’d like to share some testimonials of our users.

David about his mentor Sandrina Pereira:

Sandrina helps me a lot and inspires me so much! I pretty recommend you guys can find her as your mentor.

Mike about his mentor Pooja:

Pooja is very organized and an excellent mentor. She is very friendly and understand Flutter and Dart very well. Anyone needing help with Flutter would be wise to add Pooja as a mentor.

Yvonne about her mentor Shaksham:

Shaksham has been a great mentor for me so far. He has very extensive theoretical and practical experience in the subject area. He has provided me with exercises and advice suited to my level of experience and has always replied promptly to my queries. He is very friendly, approachable and a great motivator.

Daniel about his mentor Harriet:

Harriet has been a fantastic mentor, and really helped to improve my motivation whilst learning to code. She has listened to the areas I would like to improve and offered helpful advice and practical activities that have specifically targeted them. Harriet has also shown great patience whilst I have completed live coding challenges, and gradually increases the difficulty at a pace I feel comfortable. Her communication has been consistent, supportive and always with a positive tone. I would certainly recommend Harriet as a mentor.

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