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How to find a personal JavaScript mentor

JavaScript is not only the most popular, but also the most widely used programming language worldwide right now. If you are a Software Engineer or new grad just entering the job market, it is therefore immensely important to pick up these new skills. A mentor can help with that.

A career or skill mentor is a person in your life which is able to guide you through the many difficulties of picking up a new skill or entering a new career.

Other than many other providers, MentorCruise offers longterm mentorship for a low, pay-as-you-go weekly pricing. In fact, the average duration of one of our mentorships is over 60 days and costs less than $100 per month (there are cheaper options available)! A lot of time to pick up a new skill, prepare yourself for a new career or go for that promotion you always wanted.

Many of our mentees have experienced immense growth over the course of their mentorship. Starting a career, improving your workplace rating or your skillset — a lot of things are easier with a mentor.

So how do I find a JavaScript mentor?

MentorCruise really makes it easy for you. Visit the page for JavaScript mentors, pick one that suits you and apply, describing your goal and dreams.

Wait a few days, and you should get a mail describing the next steps. The best part? Most of our mentors offer a 7 day free trial, so you have plenty of time figuring out if this mentorship model works for you. Disclaimer: It does for a lot of people!

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