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New Year, New You: Your path to a career mentor

Do you have your New Year’s resolution set already? If you are intending on progressing in your career, MentorCruise might be a good help. Find out how we can bring you together with a career mentor.

There are a handful of classic New Year’s resolutions: Lose some weight, be healthier, spend more time with your family. Many people have resolutions regarding their careers as well: Change careers, pick up a new skills, reach for a promotion. With these things, a mentor could help you.

It all starts with a goal

You need to have your new year’s resolution ready in order to start your search. Define a well defined sentence with a measurable goal. This is key to keep you motivated.

“I want to get better”

“I want to enhance my backend programming skills”

“want to get a higher salary”

“I want to enhance my communication skills and receive a 10% pay bump.”

“new job”

“I would like to build on my coding skills and get a junior-level web development position.”

Who can help you the best?

Now you have your goal, but who can help you? On MentorCruise, you can simply type in your budget and some keywords and it’ll show you mentors around the world who can help you.

Who is the most suitable for you is then completely up to you: Look at their bios and their social profiles and see if their experience and attitude matches what you’d expect!

In many cases you’ll have to apply to a set of mentors, so be sure to have in mind who’s your priority pick, who is the first alternative, …

Whatever you do - listen to your gut. Mentorship has to do with trust - try to make sure that the mentor you chose is able to help you. A good time for that is during the 7 day trial that MentorCruise offers! If you don’t feel like it’s going to work out, just cancel - no hard feelings!

Let’s start!

You have your mentor, now it’s time to start! Explain your goal to your mentor, make sure that everything works - the communication should be possible through your preferred medium and timezones should be coordinated - and then work hard to reach your goals!

At MentorCruise, we’ve worked hard to deliver over 1‘300 weeks of mentorship, we hope we can deliver some more to you!

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