Pelion Alternatives: Tech Career Mentorship

Published Dec. 15, 2019

We help hundreds of mentees reaching their career goals in the tech industry, but we’re by far not alone with that! Pelion is another mentor-led career platform in tech, so how do we differ?

Pelion Alternatives: Tech Career Mentorship

About Pelion

Pelion offers a few hundred mentors, offering mentorship in multiple disciplines in Tech and Business, such as Product Management and Data Science.

Users can choose a mentor, and will pay between 4% and 6% of their income as flat fee, depending on whether you choose to pay based on your income before the mentorship, or the one after.

At the moment on writing, it’s not clear how mentorships are structured, but mentees can sign up, browse profiles based on a set of filters, and then “request” mentors to work with each other.

About MentorCruise

MentorCruise is an independent education platform with the goal to connect you with the mentor you deserve for effective career development and skill building, according to your own goals and expectations. The platform allows you to choose a mentor from the marketplace for longterm, career- or skill-driven mentorship and is allowing you to book specialized Sessions, such as a Introductory Call or a Sample Interview with a mentor for a relatively cheap price.

Mentors communicate via chat and/or video calls and support mentees in organizing learning resources, advisory calls, career building and more. There is no limit to the interactions a user can have with their mentor – the program is therefore perfect for anyone looking for the most personal way of doing coaching. Whether you want to chat, have a call or work through e-mail is entirely up to you.

All mentors go through an application process, are educated and continuously audited, promising the highest quality of mentors at all times. Prices range between $0 to $200 per month, depending on mentor. MentorCruise offers access to mentorship in a wide variety of skills, with Machine Learning and Data Science being one of the most popular.


Pelion MentorCruise
Tagline Advance your career with a mentor. 1-on-1 Tech Mentorship
# of mentors 200+ 250
Cost 4% - 6% of income per month $0 - $200 per month
Type Advance your career, pay now or later 1-on-1 Mentor offering Daily Messages, Tasks, Sample Projects & Calls per Agreement