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The benefits of a coding mentor

There are many alternative ways to get into coding and software engineering. With MOOCs, Bootcamps, alternative universities and apprenticeships, going to university is just one option of many. But what about coding mentors? How can they help you reach your goals?

What exactly is a coding mentor?

A mentor is a person in your life that is creating the needed amount of support and accountability to help you reach any goal that you want.

For coding mentors specifically, this might either mean that you want to pick up a new programming language, a new skillset or you possibly want to advance your career.

Other than a tutor or coach, a mentor takes a passive role in this. A mentor won’t provide you with lectures, but will help guiding you through your learnings. Since you still have to do the main work yourself, people with a mentor are often described to be very self-guided and often get very successful in leadership positions as well.

A constant in your studies

When trying to pick up a new skill through online courses and books, you always have to keep track of your learnings and study plans.

Many high-quality course providers have recognized the value of a mentor and provide one when signing up for their course. But as soon as you leave, you get left alone.

With a longer term mentor, you always have an expert by your side who can help you stay on track, keep you accountable and point out any weaknesses in your skillset or study plan.

At MentorCruise, we’ve seen big successes in mentorships that last multiple months. It is a great way to set big goals and have someone help you to reach them.

A personal guide

The best thing about a longterm mentor? They are there just for you! Many expert coachings and even other mentorship providers provide one-off sessions with a mentor.

While it is still a good way to get access to a mentor, it also means that they will have a lot of other clients besides you. The next time you book a session, they might have already forgotten about you.

When getting a longterm coding mentor, you will always have someone who is there for you, even outside of scheduled 30-minute sessions. They keep track of your progress and there is no need to explain your situation before every call.

Your foot in the door

Finally, a mentor is an incredibly good way to get your foot in the door, either of an industry or a specific company.

Mentors are experts in their field, sometimes with a decade or more of professional experience. If you have a dream company you’d like to join, chances are that they have ties with them.

On MentorCruise.com — a go-to source for skill mentorship — we feature a vast collection of over 70+ mentors, including designers and engineers from Google, Microsoft and Facebook. If you ever wanted to learn what it takes to join these companies, this is the place to be.

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