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Top Technologies to learn in 2019

Nearly two months into 2019, certain technology trends are starting to shine through. If you are looking to learn a new skill this year, look no further!


Alright, before you click off, listen for a minute! The crash of Bitcoin and the dying of the huge Blockchain hype has helped Blockchain developers, startups and makers a lot.

Besides the money-hungry Bitcoin investors, hundreds of ICO frauds and scams, Blockchain is an incredible technology. This time without the hype is the best time to get into this technology, as services keep growing, hiring needs will grow but less people are paying attention.

Blockchain will undoubtedly power a lot of services in the future. Starting to learn the skills now will give you a competitive advantage once the hype train comes around again.

Machine Learning

If you are reading about Artificial Intelligence in the media, you most likely read about a Machine Learning algorithm.

Machine Learning is still well on top of the hype cycle - but many people believe that it is with good reason. Machine Learning research is thriving, with new state of the art algorithms being pushed weekly and the media covering it on a daily basis.

With over 30,000 positions open in the US, Machine Learning is one of the most up-and-coming technologies of the past and future few years. Apart from contrary believe, no PhD is needed to work on something meaningful - thanks to modern frameworks.


Huh? JavaScript? Yep. JavaScript is by far the most popular programming language (according to StackOverflow) and will eat it’s way into many parts of modern software engineering, possibly even replacing some. Don’t believe me?

  • The JavaScript/Node ecosystem powers most of the web nowadays
  • Frameworks like Electron replace most native desktop apps already
  • Ionic, React Native and similar are the preferred way of building mobile apps at many companies
  • Google is pushing TensorFlow.js, a way to build neural networks with JavaScript

A JavaScript engineer nowadays has way more options than they had a few years ago, and with the ecosystem still growing, the opportunities will only get more.

No-Code Tools

Many people won’t even consider to learn to code: Too complex, too difficult, too boring. Especially in the web sector, no-code tools like Carrd, Bubble and Zapier are on the rise as a way to build fully fledged platforms without code.

However, even if users don’t want to say it - these platforms are complex as well. As an expert in Zapier or Bubble, you could grow into an important consultant for the next generation of companies running code-less.

Cyber Security

More users, more scammers, more dangers. With the count of internet users still growing, more and more people and services become the target of hackers, scammers and frauds.

As an expert in Cyber Security it is your job to hunt down threats, close security leaks and make the web a better place. Cybersecurity is a $150b market with lots of opportunities. Will you be part of it?

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