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Rich Steinmetz

Backend Developer - WebinarGeek

Rich Steinmetz is a professional in JavaScript and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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$50 / month
Senior Software Engineer at Ant Group
5 years of software engineer experience in Fintech industry
2 x Calls
As someone who comes from a non-computer science background, I understand the doubts that can come with making a career switch. However, I'm excited to share my personal experience of successfully transitioning into the tech industry, particularly within the fintech sector. Over the past five years, I have gained valuable โ€ฆ
Only 5 Spots Left
$280 / month
Senior Principal Product Manager at Red Hat
10 x Calls
I'm an engineer turned product manager and have help leadership positions with early stage startups in the past. I can help you navigate your product problems, counsel to bring alignment with your stakeholders and have a better PM life. I also coach newbies and enthusiasts to get into Product Management.
Engineering Manager at Rosetta Stone
5.0 stars
5.0 (11 reviews)
I am an engineering manager with 20 years of hands on development experience. My experience as a lead front end architect spans many projects across several companies from consumer, enterprise, education, and department of defense. I've led teams and mentored many individuals in this time, helping develop the careers with โ€ฆ
$100 / month
Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Foundation at Postman
4.4 stars
4.4 (25 reviews)
2 x Calls
Senior Software Engineer, working at Postman. I have contributed to different verticals of engineering - Productivity, Availability and Performance. I enjoy the journey from RFC to RCA, love to talk about system design and computer science fundamentals. I have spoken at GDG Berlin & Delhi, GoLang Bangalore & Vietnam I โ€ฆ
$120 / month
Full Stack Developer at E-Corp
4.3 stars
4.3 (6 reviews)
Regular Calls
Hey there! Thank you for visiting my mentorship service page. Iโ€™m excited to work with you and help you navigate the software engineering field. Please feel free to reach out to chat about how we can best work together to achieve your goals! I'm relatively new to the mentor cruise โ€ฆ
Only 3 Spots Left
$220 / month
CEO at IMV Studio
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
2 x Calls
๐ŸŽ“ Even if I have my cs degrees I'm mostly a self-taught developer, I learned coding way before high school (12 yo) and I'm still learning new tech and non tech skills everyday 11 years after diploma. Definitely I know what's being tired of endless generic online tutorials is or โ€ฆ
Only 2 Spots Left
$450 / month
Engineering Mentor at Formation
5.0 stars
5.0 (3 reviews)
4 x Calls
I'm a Silicon Valley-based engineer and have been interviewing, mock interviewing, and running training sessions my entire career. 1,000+ hours of them in fact. I love this. I hope it shows in my work.
Only 5 Spots Left
$350 / month
CTO at Geekydrop
Regular Calls
Hey guys, Panamanian entrepreneur looking to share my knowledge on early startups and coding (English and Spanish). Currently, I am a co-founder/CTO at I can help you sharing my experiences as a Co-founder on starting your project from prototype to mvp, and scaling it up (Managing staff, stack, and โ€ฆ
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