Mentor FAQ

Q: What am I expected to do?
On a high level, you should take care of your mentee and help them to reach their goal. This means to give them advice or even provide connections along the way. Depending on the services you choose to provide, you might also be expected to give them weekly tasks, challenge projects, to help them debug problems or to hop on a call with them.

Q: I got accepted as a mentor, what now?
Congratulations and welcome on board! The first thing you might want to do, is to share your public mentor profile with the public. Most of the times, people you inspire and that want to get mentored by you, are already following you on social media. You'll get a mail if someone applies to you. Review their application and accept them if you like them. After that, the mentoring starts.

Q: I want to change the services I provide or my weekly fee.
Please contact us at [email protected] If you disable or enable services, all mentees will be affected by this. Check in with them to see if it is okay. The weekly fee stays the same for your existing mentees. If you want to change this, you will have to cancel the mentorship.

Q: How much do I get paid?
You'll get roughly 85% of your weekly fee, added for the whole month. 15% goes towards the platform as a processing fee. This will help us to stay live. We hope to change this in the future so you'll get a bigger cut. We are also splitting the PayPal fees that way.

Q: When/how do I get paid?
At the beginning of every month, we are adding up the transactions of your mentees from the last month, then split the amount 85/15 and are paying you via PayPal. You should expect your payment latest by the 10th of the next month.

Q: I think my mentee is very attractive, what can I do?
Nothing. You are in a position of power and are not allowed to make advances in any way. We do not support this and you might get banned from the platform by doing it anyway. Do not mention this to your mentee in any way and treat them as usual. If this is not possible for you, please cancel the mentorship.

Q: I think my payment is wrong.
Your payment can be affected by multiple things. We are looking at all successful transactions made by your mentees. Check if a payment has previously failed (you should have gotten an email about it) or was refunded. Also note that there is a 15% processing fee to keep the platform alive and we are splitting the PayPal fees the same way. Talking about PayPal fees, these are different on a per-country basis, which might affect your payment as well. Contact us at [email protected] should something be really wrong.