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Catherine Achieng

UX Designer - Barclays

Catherine Achieng is a professional in UX Research and one of our most popular mentors on MentorCruise.

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Solutions Architect at Dropbox
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Muhammad is a graduate from The University of Washington and studied Data Science and User Experience Design. He is currently working as a Solutions Architect at Dropbox supporting Solution Engineers and Account Executives on the HelloSign and Dropbox Platforms. Prior to this he was working as a Technical Architect at โ€ฆ
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UX Lead, Gmail at Google
15+ yrs in UX big tech | Strong track record of 50+ mentees landing awesome UX jobs
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๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi!!! I run the UX teams for Gmail @ Google, based out of San Francisco. I also teach at UC Berkeley. I help designers break into tech giants like Google. I have a strong track record helping 50+ mentees land UX jobs, mostly in big tech. I focus on โ€ฆ
Senior UX/Product Designer at UiPath
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Hey there ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Alexandra and I'm a Senior Product Designer working at UiPath, designing user experiences for one of the world's most popular tools for automation management. For the past two years, I've been involved in education, mentoring over 40 students, advocating for accessibility, design ethics, and collaboration between โ€ฆ
$240 / month
Design Lead at Amazon
4 x Calls
Thanks for dropping in to my profile and evaluating the chances of enrolling with me for a mentorship program. I am a UX Design Lead at Amazon, India. I am an active mentor on ADPlist and I have been a mentor at Designlab (~5 years, mentored 120+ students) | Springboard โ€ฆ
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Coach at Plan Forward Coaching
2 x Calls
What mentoring would make a big difference in your life? No matter where youโ€™re coming from I can help. I've transitioned careers (more than once!). I've worn all the major hats of UX โ€” UX design, UX research, UX writing. I bring over 10 years of leadership experience. I've interviewed โ€ฆ
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Design Research & Strategy at --
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Regular Calls
I think about how people think in order to solve complex problems. I am a former bonobo chimpanzee ethnographic researcher, current Design Researcher & Strategist, and forever neuroscience nerd on a professional mission to ensure human-centered design is appropriately and strategically leveraged to solve complex, systemic problems. Specifically, I use โ€ฆ
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Product at Stealth startup (ex-Amazon)
2 x Calls
I worked as a UX designer and director for several years before transitioning to Product Management at Mastercard and Amazon. While I worked at larger corporations, I collaborated with several startups to help them get off the ground. I recently left Amazon to start my own company. I have a โ€ฆ
UX Director for Europe at Ipsos
Damian has over 20 years working as a user experience and design leader. Driven by a passion for making the world less stressful one interaction at a time, he takes pride in challenging teams to think differently about designing experiences. As a UX Director, his goals include growing the reputation โ€ฆ
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