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Fiamma Degl'Innocenti  New Mentor

Experience Designer - Essense
💻 Personal Chat 📝 To-Dos 🏆 Projects & Challenges 📞 1-on-1 Calls  (2x/mo)

I am an experience designer with +6 years in designing user experiences that meet user needs, match business goals, and are consistent with brands. In the past years I've worked in a range of different industries (financial services, healthcare, personal care, air travel, etc) and for different types of customers (from start-ups to large corporations).
What I can hep you with:
• Identify your strengths and purpose in what you are doing
• Provide constructive feedback on your work
• Craft strong storylines when presenting your work
• ...

Design UX designexperience designuser researchUX research
7 Day Trial Netherlands Netherlands

$150 per month

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