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Machine Learning is a top-growing skill. Good engineers are in-demand in a wide variety of industries and as a fast moving field, recent experience is valued and needed.

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Best books to further your Machine Learning understanding.

A well-written and thorough book can be an amazing path to build deeper understand and also act as a handbook as you discover the internet's vast resources.

These are our and our experts top picks to get started building career-relevant skills.

Pragmatic Programmer

Pragmatic Programmer

At least today, code is our door to building algorithms and complex Machine Learning systems. If you want to invest in becoming a more proficient Machine Learning professional faster, investing in code skills is the way to do so.

Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction

Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction

Richard Sutton's book on Machine Learning is universally regarded as one of the most fundamental and important pieces on the matter. Reinforcement Learning is quickly becoming a major part of AI innovation, and a good read for any engineer and scientists to go through.

Generative Deep Learning

Generative Deep Learning

It’s now possible to teach a machine to excel at human endeavors such as painting, writing, and composing music. With this practical book, machine-learning engineers and data scientists will discover how to re-create some of the most impressive examples o

Federated Learning (Synthesis Lectures)

Federated Learning (Synthesis Lectures)

How is it possible to allow multiple data owners to collaboratively train and use a shared prediction model while keeping all the local training data private? In this book, we describe how federated machine learning addresses this problem with novel solutions combining distributed machine learning, cryptography and security.

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Courses to practice crucial Machine Learning skills.

These days, courses are no longer a sequence of videos. They are usually accompanied by projects and a learning community, keeping you accountable and on the path.

Our experts recommend these courses, from free selections to paid programs.

Deep Learning Specialization

Deep Learning Specialization

In five courses, you will learn the foundations of Deep Learning, understand how to build neural networks, and learn how to lead successful machine learning projects. 38% of students started a new career after completing this specialization.

MIT Open: Linear Algebra

MIT Open: Linear Algebra

Math is the foundation of Machine Learning and much needed if you need to work on the inner logic of its systems. Senior engineers are encouraged to propose and submit their own papers – and getting your LinAlg back in order is a must for that.

Lex Fridman's MIT Deep Learning

Lex Fridman's MIT Deep Learning

Lex Fridman is the instructor of an immensely popular and fundamental Deep Learning course at MIT. Together with the other MIT AI courses, this can help polish your skills and get the foundations right.

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There is no better source of accountability and motivation than having a personal mentor. What used to be impossible to find is now just two clicks away! All mentors are vetted & hands-on!

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Yen-chieh Huang  Quick Responder

Software Engineer - Twitter
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Hi! I am a software engineer at Twitter working on distributed messaging systems. Previously, I worked at Amazon and Salesforce. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in Computer Science from an Ivy League university (Cornell University). My Master's was specialized in data science and machine learning.

I have mentored numerous people who are transitioning their careers in tech. I have helped them become better programmers, such as teaching them algorithms and data structures. I have even ...

Engineering & Data JavaPythonData StructuresAlgorithms
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$240 per month

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Ludovico Bessi  Quick Responder

Thesis worker: computer vision - Volvo Cars
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Hello everyone! I am Ludovico.
I am currently a graduate student in Applied Mathematics, with lots of hands on experience:
I am currently carrying out my master degree thesis at Volvo cars in GΓΆthenburg, where I am focusing on computer vision problems.
I have worked with the Alan Turing Institute full time from September 2020 to December 2020 focusing on Machine learning enhancement's in Julia and modelling techniques for COVID-19.
I have been a Machine learning engineer focusing on Computer vision tasks at and a Data scientist for a ...

Engineering & Data JuliaPythonOpen SourceMachine learning
7 Day Trial Italy Italy

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Dominic Monn  Experienced Mentor Quick Responder

Founder - MentorCruise
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Hey all πŸ€—

Thanks for stopping by here at I created this community of mentors! In "real life" I work on Machine Learning-based products and features at Doist, the company behind Todoist and Twist.

I offer mentorship in a wide variety of topics. I am happy to help out if you are looking to run a marketplace, if you want to learn more about product management, running your own bootstrapped business, building side-projects or breaking into the AI/Machine Learning space.

Can't wait to hear from you πŸ‘‹

Product & Marketing pythonmachine learningproductmarketplaces
7 Day Trial Switzerland Switzerland

$150 per month

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Deepanshu Setia  Experienced Mentor

Senior Machine Learning Product Lead - Samsung R&D
4.5 stars
4.5 (28 reviews)
πŸ’» Personal Chat πŸ“ To-Dos πŸ† Projects & Challenges πŸ“ž 1-on-1 Calls πŸ›Ž Hands-On Support

Deepanshu Setia is working as Senior Machine Learning Product Lead at Samsung R&D with 5yr+ experience, where he leads Data Science team and manages product development, works on cutting edge technologies, and helps in mentoring aspiring data scientists. He is a creative problem solver with mastery in programming & machine learning. Years of experience as Deep learning researcher with Samsung AI Lab, IIT Mandi DL Lab, IIT Bombay Computer Vision Lab and significant roles in publishing research papers, book chapters and solving challenging industrial problems makes him the best fit ...

Engineering & Data Machine LearningDeep LearningComputer VisionNLP
7 Day Trial India India

$199 per month

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The Machine Learning must-reads you shouldn't miss.

Key articles and posts of industry experts can help you get a better picture of what you are getting into.

In our opinion, these are some must-reads you really shouldn't miss.

Karpathy on "Software 2.0"

Andrej Karpathy is the Director of AI at Tesla. Before that, though, he authored this blog post in 2017 talking about Deep Learning as "Software 2.0" of some sort. A must-read if you ever want to have another way of thinking about ML.

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Simple Reinforcement Learning with Tensorflow

This 8-part series by Arthur Juliani (Deep RL researcher at Unity) is an amazing entry point to the new and mysterious advancements of Reinforcement Learning, perfectly suited for folks coming from other topics in Machine Learning.

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Building Safe A.I. (Trask)

Andrew Trask is a specialist in Federated Learning and Safe AI. In this blogpost, he writes about training a neural network that is fully encrypted during training (trained on unencrypted data).

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Opportunities and projects in the Machine Learning space.

In the end, advancing your career is all about getting the right opportunities at the right time and a good portion of luck.

These are some interesting things going on in the Machine Learning space and you probably don't want to miss them.

Specialize with Kaggle

It wouldn't be the first time I've seen someone get hired over good Kaggle results! Kaggle competitions are data science and ML projects that are graded through a public leaderboard. A good place on the leaderboard shows that you know your craft and can apply your knowledge to real-life problems!

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Find early stage positions

While Google & co. are saturated with academic talent, there are incredible opportunities to get your foot in the door quicker with an early-stage positions.

Today, startups and early-stage businesses are looking for ML engineers more and more for a wider variety of jobs than what's possible in the more established industry.

Platforms like AngelList can help you find those positions!

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Get into open-source

The world thrives on open-source software and this is no exception. Core contributors to core libraries and fast-growing tech like React, scikit-learn, Bitcoin and TensorFlow prove their abilities by going into the inner workings of a framework to improve it. For many companies, that's a desirable skill!

These projects are always looking for fresh faces. Grab an issue from the issue board or review a PR to get started!

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Get the help you need & advance your career

There's more than one way into Machine Learning, now you just need to decide which one to take! Our mentors are here for you if you encounter any issues, need a bit of accountability or some extra help!