How does MentorCruise work?

The process of MentorCruise can be split in a few, easy to follow steps. Do you want to find a longterm mentor in Engineering, Design or Business? Then follow along.

Step 1: Sign Up ✍🏼

The first step is to create your free account. By doing this, you get access to all functions and features of the platform, such as filters and access to the full mentor database.

Sign Up

Step 2: Browse Mentors 🔎

MentorCruise is growing and keeps growing bigger. With the amount of mentors, it can be difficult to find the perfect one. As soon as you are registered and logged in, go over to the mentor marketplace and learn how to handle the filters.

By using the search field, you can search for names, companies and technologies. You can filter by price and by services you are wishing for. They are simple, but very powerful.

Browse Mentors

Step 3: Apply ✉️

When you have found your perfect mentor, you should apply for them by using the 'Apply' button. Take your time and define a realistic goal - one you want to reach with your mentor.

This is already the first milestone in your mentorship and can make the difference between a good and bad start. You are free to apply to multiple mentors, but be thoughtful about what you write.

Step 4: Wait ⏱

Depending on the mentor, it can take a few days to get an answer. Particularly when a mentor has a big following and/or mentors for free, they could have many pending applications.

During your waiting time, try to define your mentorship goal even clearer. If you don't hear back - or even get a rejection, start again at point #2. It happens and has nothing to do with you.

Step 5: Profit 📈

So you got a mentor? Congratulations and welcome again to MentorCruise. Now it is time to put in the work and go towards your goal. You'll make it!

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