Well, but how does this all work?

The process of getting a mentor has never been easier. Let us explain it in three simple steps:


You scout

Our extensive mentorship marketplace makes it easier than ever to look through our database of willing mentors. It doesn't matter whether you are out for an engineering mentor, someone helping you with your design work or somebody who can leverage your business. We have it all.


You select

Found somebody who suits you? Amazing. Each mentor profile includes a big, bold 'Apply' button. And that's what you do next. Tell them about your goals, aspirations and why you chose them. Expect to hear back within a few week days and don't feel back to apply to multiple people.


You start

Congrats! After you have received an acceptance e-mail, you officially have a personal mentor. Mentorships are usually virtual and can include regular check-ins and chats. Find out with your mentor what works for both of you!