Hi! I am an ex-corporate finance professional turned fintech product guru based in Toronto, Canada with over 5 years experience. I help fintechs and startups lay out the product roadmap and build financial models so they can succeed in customer acquisition and fundraising.

Fintech PM: Your market and product roadmap are the two biggest factors in your success as a new company. My goal is to help you 1) create compelling product/market fit, and 2) plan out your product roadmap as it relates to your fundable milestones (raising capital).

Financial Modeling for Startups: The #1 reason startups fail is that they run out of money. Being a successful founder requires good money-management skills and tools. Much like a computer model, a financial model is a powerful decision-making tool that can drastically reduce costly real-world errors. Why test something with real money when you can do it in Excel for a fraction of the cost? My goal is to help you 1) improve your decision making capabilities, and 2) map your fundable milestones into an intuitive financial model.

Send me a message if you have any questions or want to chat more :)

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