Hi & welcome! My name is Adam and I'm an Ex-Finance Professional turned Fintech Product Manager based in Toronto, Canada. As a Product Coach, I help finance professionals retool & pivot into Product Management.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like outside of the banking industry? What it might mean for your work/life balance, mental health, relationships, and personal development?

Nowadays, lots of finance people want to get into Product Management. Understandably so; it's highly paid, fast-growing, remote-based, great culture, plentiful exit opportunities, transferrable skills... but it's EXTREMELY competitive.

As software continues to 'eat the world', it's going to keep getting more coveted and more competitive. The opportunity cost of staying the course is increasing over time. Waiting is not an option when you're on a sinking ship.

But in my view, the most important reason is the opportunity to be build products with a legacy, that tangibly help customers, and the pride/satisfaction that comes with it. That's something the finance world can never offer.

What I do: I help finance people 1) reposition their skills, and 2) successfully pivot into Product Management.

How I do it: I've developed a people-first strategy to getting into product, which consists of:
- Resume review & optimization.
- Skill identification, retooling, and positioning.
- Portfolio project strategy & positioning.
- Networking strategy & 'telling your story'.
- Job application strategy.
- Interview prep.
- Additional: 1-1 touchpoints, personal introductory networking call with current PM's, and access to private Slack/LinkedIn networking groups.

- Job offers in 3 months.
- Maxing up your salary.

Why me?
- I've personally used these strategies to land a top spot in product management and have helped 5 people do the same.
- Our community is growing rapidly because these strategies work, just check out my testimonials.
- I have over 5 years of combined experience in Capital Markets and Fintech Product Management, so I know how to reposition your skills to successfully pivot into product.

DM's are always open if you want to chat more :D



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