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Amil Khare

Research Analyst, Data Sciences - Inmobi

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I am a Research Analyst - Data Sciences at Inmobi, coming from an Electronics & Communication Engineering background. My everyday work is to take my morning dose of coffee, put on my data cap and start brainstorming about complex problems in order to help the company in various multi-layered domains.
I love scratching my brains on various algorithmic problems and hence I take part in various competitive coding competitions all over the world and have had the pleasure to win some too.
I also love to teach people about the field of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence because I feel that a person equipped with this knowledge can get a chance to solve really good problems and actually help the world move forward.
Already, we are in a world of data and algorithms so why not equip yourself with it and what better choice as mentor than your friendly, pen-neighborhood Amil :)
I am delighted to teach you about the wonders of ML/AI and I would love you see your work & also take part in competitions on Kaggle so that we can get a chance to show off our awesomeness!


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