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Ananda Narayan


Founder, PhD 5th year dropout, Lead Machine Learning Scientist - Jasmine.ai, Dailyhunt

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I started my career following an academic path towards a CS PhD (with focus on Machine Learning applications), while on search for equity in opportunity in human life, and ended up starting/founding my own Silicon Valley startup. But I could not contribute to better equity in opportunity in this world, through my own company that I had built from scratch and raised funding for. Currently leading machine learning models to production, and mentoring where I can.

Some memorable feats: Raised $700K and refused an additional $1M to retain control for my first startup Jasmine.ai. Saved $7M/year on Fraud for Amazon.com in my 3-month Internship where I improved Machine Learning performances from 83% to 90%. Was the only undergrad in a first-tier Machine Learning conference for my first academic publication.

Looking for: Passionate and curious mentees with attention to detail!

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