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Bryan Robinson

 United States of America

Founder and Lead Advocate - Code Contemporary

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My name is Bryan Robinson. I'm a designer, developer and teacher based in Memphis, Tenn. I've been passionate about HTML, CSS and JS for my entire career, and I want to teach you to be just as passionate about it, as well.

I've spoken nationally about modern CSS. I write regularly about CSS on my own blog, and I recently had the opportunity to write about it for CSS Tricks (still very proud of this). I've mentored designers to be developers and developers to be designers.

I've recently started my own business to expand the number of people I can help learn about the amazing new things we can do in a web browser. Previously, I was VP of Design and Development at a small agency in Memphis where I mentored a staff of 5 developers and 4 designers to work together and make amazing marketing websites and applications.

I also run a monthly meetup in Memphis for front-end developers and designers as well as a yearly hackathon to bring these communities together in new and innovative ways.

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