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Software Engineer - Unicorn

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Hi everyone! 👋 I'm a Software Engineer with experience being an engineer during a $1.7 billion exit of a public-to-public purchase, and I was also an early engineer during a private equity Series C valuated @ $2 billion.

I hold particular focus in rapid growth and scaling software. Published in numerous articles from NBC, Berkeley, and more, I'm known for getting things done -- and I've taught & mentored hundreds as a former UC Berkeley Instructor, for a very relevant course: optimal learning methods for Computer Science students. :) Let's work together to achieve your goals, crush interviews, and score that $$$ negotiation.

More street cred: I've previously launched a few startups (with code absorbed by Apple), worked at Bell Labs, VMware, and ran the world's largest collegiate AR/VR organization - Virtual Reality @ Berkeley. As a graduate from UC Berkeley's Computer Science program, I've helped countless friends with career guidance, interview prep, and offer negotiations at FAANG companies (Google, Apple, etc.) and various startups across Silicon Valley. I can craft a tailored plan for applying to colleges, internships, navigating uncertain career waters due to COVID, or simply help you grow a niche skill, such as AR/VR programming.

My portfolio:

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(Note that mentoring does not include programming nor API/framework/code-specific assistant -- I charge industry-standard consulting rates for that per hour.)

Great chatting with someone in the field, as someone who doesn't come from a computer science background to get a quick and thorough breakdown of python and the capabilities, was more than I expected. Would recommend! Bryan is very easy to talk to and quite informative on the subject.

Testimonial by Richard from May 2020

Bryan was great to work with!

Testimonial by Michelle from August 2020

Really helped me figure some stuff out!

Testimonial by Jonathan from May 2020