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☞ Product | Founder | Facilitator | Speaker @ Welcomed

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☞ Are you an early-stage company founder?
☞ Are you in need of refining who your customers are and what product you are building for them?

My mentorship program is designed to help you test out your business idea with live customers while you build it.

Here is what you will learn to practice :
✔️ Customer Profile Development
✔️ Niche Market Research
✔️ Value Proposition Design
✔️ Storytelling
✔️ Traction Testing
✔️ 1-minute pitch
✔️ Designing Pitch Deck

Besides this initial service, I offer mentorship in a wide variety of topics.
I am happy to help you out to dive into :
✔️ community building,
✔️ facilitation
✔️ or public speaking.

☞ Few words about me ...
▪️ Experience in mentoring
I have been mentoring more than 25 mentees from the US, Switzerland, France, Brasil, India, and Mexico for the last 5 years in different one-year-long programs.

I'm opening ONLY one spot at the moment to offer the best quality time for my mentee. What I am looking for is to find someone that I can help and follow through with over a period of time, sharing my learnings and help him/ her grow by achieving her goals.

▪️ Short professional bio
Years ago, I thought I was a Lawyer and would stay one for life.
Then, all of a sudden, I discovered entrepreneurship and became a product creator. Then, I turned my attention to communities, which turned me into a community builder — and, without really ever intending to be one, a facilitator.

For more than 6 years now, I've been a product consultant for big companies, such as Unilever and H&M, and also start-ups and social innovation.

Wow! You read until here! Let's book a free 20-minutes call to discuss your goals, project, and aspirations.

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