Getting Things Done, by David Allen is probably one of the most helpful books I've read. It was recommended reading in my first management consulting job at Infosys Consulting, where I worked after graduating from Oxford University. I'm originally from Zambia in southern Africa and won a Rhodes Scholarship for postgraduate study at Oxford for two years. While at Oxford, I earned an MSc in Computer Science and then an MBA.

My early career in management consulting certainly taught me how to get things done, prioritize, adapt to different situations, and work effectively with a wide variety of people. Over the years, I moved on to work on startups, in industry and other endeavors. Looking back, it's clear that in all matters strategy is important, as well as the discipline and street smarts to execute effectively.

If you are looking for help putting together a strategy for your career or business, I believe I can help. Moreover, I can help in coaching you through execution to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

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