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Dave Malouf

Design Coach - Dave Malouf Design

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I am a 25yr veteran in design of digital systems. I have worked for companies as large as HP and even owned my own startup. I have been a professor of design, a team manger, a practice lead, a research principle, a strategist, a UI Designer, an art director, and more.

I want to help you either as an individual who is looking for career and portfolio advice or as a leader of a team who wants to help their team reach their true value potential and make a strong impact.

NOTE: Even though I'm in the US, I'm open to mentees from almost anywhere around the world so long as they are open to finding mutually good times. Besides North America (all timezones) best locations are Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Though Asia, Australia, can word depending on where and how flexible you can be.

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