A programmer with a passion for helping people solve frustrating problems—He got started at 18 years old (in 1999) writing a data conversion script in Perl for his mother’s client in the manufacturing industry.

Since then he's worked for various companies over the years, but he's primarily been a freelancer and consultant. His clients have included small businesses, universities, and large organizations (e.g. The Department of Veterans Affairs, Time Warner & Master Card) across various industries (e.g. retail, marketing, health care, education, research, and non-profit).

He's used a wide variety of technologies including Perl, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic for Applications, Java, Python, PHP, Bash, SQL and Datalog but mostly works with Ruby, JavaScript and Clojure.

He loves learning and helping others learn. He's a self-professed Math, Science and programming language geek. But, he also loves music (especially Jazz), poetry and hiking with his beautiful wife and their dog Blu.

His specialties & interests Include:
* web development, data-oriented programming & design
* computer programming fundamentals
* systems integration, agile development, shipping stalled projects
* interpreters, compilers, query engines, and database management systems

You can learn more at https://delonnewman.name.

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