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Dip Neupane


Sr. Software Developer - CF

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It's been around five years working as a passionate Software Developer. Graduated from Kuvempu University, Karnataka, India and has been professionally working with the software industries in Nepal since 2015 intending to make people's life easy through Technology.

I have already worked with some of the best technologies around like C#, Asp.Net Framework, Asp.Net Core, JavaScript, Angular, MSSQL, Postgresql, Git, GitLab, etc. Currently, I am specializing in some of the vibrant skill sets useful of operations named Gitlab CI and Docker.

The most challenging part for any software developer is maintaining the gap between the skills that he/she is currently working and technology growing rapidly on the tech market. I maintain this gap with my Technology blog which encourages me to research the current technology trend and write about them in my spare time.

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