Dylan Israel

Senior Front End Engineer @ ClickUp 6+ Years of Front End Engineering, Former Amazonian, and Top Rated Educator / Mentor
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As a self-taught software engineer and former Amazonian, I can relate to how important a mentor is to developing as an engineer. A good mentor has allowed me to progress my career tremendously fast and keep it fun while at it. I specialize in Front End Engineering and JavaScript / TypeScript.

All my mentees get access to my courses for FREE. I also will send a regular resource recommendation I have used so you can stay on top of your game!

Between speaking at conferences, authoring content on W3Schools, building courses and passive income streams, my podcast, and the YouTube channel I have inadvertently mentored upwards of a million unique individuals on a large scale. I'd like to do it on a more individual scale and help you succeed!

Whether success is defined as helping you land that next big role, navigating salary negotiations, overcoming imposter syndrome, getting a side project up and running, or just upping your technical skill. I look forward to us doing all of the above!

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5 out of 5 stars

Dylan is an excellent mentor. He has made my path clearer then ever. It is obvious he understands what is necessary to help you stand out and get noticed.

Friderike (Frida)


5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic mentor. He helped me so much to grow from a total beginner to now work as a frontend developer.



5 out of 5 stars

The mentorship I've received from Dylan has been incredibly helpful. Last year I was his mentee and he helped me land my first Software Engineer job. A year later, I needed direction of how to progress in my career as I was beginning to feel stagnate and a bit burnt out. The honest advice and feedback helped me develop better clarity of what I want for my career, finances, and life. After just one month of following his advice, I landed an initial interview with Google, and I am finding more fulfillment in my side projects. I feel re-energized to keep developing my skills due to my new, exciting career goals which he helped me define.

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