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Ethan Parry

UX Researcher & Designer - Hanzo Studio

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Hi there! My name is Ethan Parry. I am a UX researcher and experience designer, with a background in communications. I own a consulting firm that offers UX research & design services and helps companies create cultures of innovation. In my time in both Barcelona and Silicon Valley, I have worked with clients such as Innocells (Banco Sabadell), Adobe, Google, Dell Boomi, Zuora, and Covailnt. When I am not consulting with clients, I am often out of the road leading workshops or speaking at conferences around the world (Spain, Peru, and Colombia). Feel free to ask me anything about: UX design, UX research, communications, innovation methodologies, and freelancing. I hold a master's degree in interaction design, and a bachelor’s in communications.

Here's how I can help:

- Chat: switching careers / understanding UX research & design / anything else
- Activity and Goals: Usually some projects to implement after the "Chat" above ^
- 1-on-1: Mock interviews / portfolio guidance / your questions

También, hablo español.

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