Eugene Ching

Managing Director - Qavar Pte Ltd

My name is Eugene Ching, and I'm the founder of Qavar, an artificial intelligence company building apps, systems and chatbots.

I started coding at a really young age, and as those skills matured, the desire for more led me to go beyond coding -- to looking at other people's code. I then moved into computer security and reverse engineering. Initially it was just to understand how it works, but it quickly became a challenge of discovering the gems and secrets hiding inside software. It then naturally led to bug hunting for the purpose of finding vulnerabilities and writing exploits to demonstrate those vulnerabilities.

My next leap was into artificial intelligence. The art of reverse-engineering, especially for exploitation, is a human dominated skill, often favouring the hugely parallel mind of the researcher over automated techniques. But newer techniques such as those driven by artificial intelligence, can be applied in very interesting ways to yield results that a human has trouble finding." My research led me to combine the art of security with artificial intelligence.

I was part of a local government contractor whose core business revolved around computer security. There, I was one of the founding members of the then newly formed vulnerability research and exploitation team, where I grew professionally as a security researcher, and finally headed and expanded the team into a foremost security research team in Singapore.

Finally, I founded Qavar. My aim is to bring artificial intelligence to the everyday person - individuals and companies alike. AI, till today, remains largely in the hands of huge companies, and retain an aura of what he calls sophisticated untouchability. Through Qavar, I hope offer these skills to help others, and the world at large.

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