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Frances Coronel New Mentor

 United States of America

Software Engineer - Slack

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I am currently a software engineer specializing in UI development on the Customer Acquisition Team at Slack where my mission is to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

I have been paid to code since 2015 and hold a Bachelors in Computer Science from Hampton University and a Masters in Computer Science from Cornell Tech.

Outside of Slack, I am an Executive Director of Techqueria, a 501c3 nonprofit that serves the largest community of Latinx in Tech in the US.

I also support Code Nation as a member of their Bay Area Leadership Council and the Latino Community Foundation as a member of their Latinos in Tech Giving Circle.

I would be happy to mentor anyone who is interested in becoming a web developer and/or actively contributing back to the community.

Because D&I in tech is so important to me, I'd especially love to support individual developers who identify as Black or Latinx that want 1:1 career advice over a longer period of time.

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