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I am a Data Scientist with a background in Economics, with extensive experience in Teaching, Research, and problem-solving. My daily job is to apply data science tools to detect user behavior patterns, as well as to make processes as resource-efficient as possible. In my free time, I dedicate myself to doing research on Sports Economics, a branch in which I have registered my own algorithm that determines the risk rate of sports abandonment.
I have recently been awarded by the Softbank Group with the award for the best Argentine Data Science project of 2020.
I am an honest person, so I look forward to hearing about your Data Science concerns and being able to help you! I will not waste both of our time either: if we are facing a problem that is not my specialty, I will communicate it to you ASAP so that you can contact another mentor. Also, if you really think that you need my help but don't have the money, write to me anyway and we can get to an agreement.

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