Gideon Oladimeji


Product Designer -

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A Product Designer, Pianist and a Mobile Photographer. An experienced User Interface and Experience Designer, skilled in Interaction Design, Rapid Prototyping, Adobe XD, Wireframing, Usability Testing and etc.

I have worked across the industries with different sized teams varying from Startups to Global Companies the like of Automattic Inc, owners of world’s most use Content Management System [CMS] platform and Woocommerce amongst other products as a Product Designer.

I am a foodie, love classical music, movies and playing the piano. I am a people person and is not limited to conversations in his field but across other industries. I ain't your everyday product Designer as I live to volunteer and currently volunteers with the Facebook Developers Circle Lagos: Design as a community manager and helps organise meet-ups and small scale events for designers in the community.

Having worked with a number of tech companies, I am keen on helping catalyse the shift in the African Product Design ecosystem hence building my Startup, 3strokes, a design agency that aims to help businesses scale with proper brand representation through designing, building digital products, better processes, and systems to enable people and enhance businesses.

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