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Lead Android developer | build 20+ android apps 🚀 - Adnalyze

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Guillaume is a Senior software engineer who has built more than 20 native android apps (Java/ Kotlin) for small businesses but also well-known businesses.

He has worked with businesses across UK, FR, USA and Canada and proposed mentoring to startups as a "on-demand" CTO.

How we will work together:
- Define your goal
- Define a plan to achieve your goal
- Learn
- Code together
- Take-home task
- Explain to you why it works that way and why it's important
- Explain the best practices and different approaches to a problem.

By the end of our time together you should be able to develop any type of android apps and be able to tackle any problematic!

My ultimate goal is to make sure you achieve your goal and you become autonomous and confident to build apps alone in few months (And you can, with the right tools and skills )!

Android Skills: Java, Kotlin, Dagger2, Koin, RxAndroid, RxJava, multi modules apps, Bluetooth LE, Firebase, Retrofit, architecture MVP/MVVM/MVI, Unit tests, Security....

Languages spoken : FR / EN
Location : FR

My mentorship with Guillaume exceeded my expectations by far. You can see that he has a passion for programming and is also an expert in his field. He likes to share his knowledge and he does so with great care. He took my weaknesses and my level of knowledge into account and from there he created an individual plan for me. He explained everything to me in great detail and told me why it is done this way. He also responds very quickly to answers. I would recommend Guillaume to anyone who really wants to learn to program cleanly!

Testimonial by Sang from October 2020
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