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Hannah Masila


Software Engineer - GitHub Inc

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My name is Hannah Masila and I go by Maslah. I am a full stack software engineer at GitHub. I mostly code in Ruby while sometimes I make use of Python. I have been coding professionally since 2016 after I graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Science.
I am a mentor and a coach at teencodeafrica.com , railsgirls.com and djangogirls.org. I contribute to OpenSource projects such as if-me.org and womenwhocode.com.
My deepest interest is constant growth, both technically and personally. Being a programmer I am faced with new projects and challenges regularly which expand my reasoning and experience. When I am not coding, I like travelling and interacting with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. I also like reading books, watching movies and series and also listening to music.

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