James Lawlor

Data Scientist - Booking.com

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Hello! I am a professional data scientist with ~3 years experience specialising in business applications of machine learning. I'm originally from the UK but I live and work in Amsterdam in the Netherlands for the travel website Booking.com. I am in the marketing department and my current work involves developing models for predicting customer lifetime value using large scale data from our hundreds of millions of customers internationally. My main tools are SQL/Hive, Hadoop, Python, PySpark, H2O, Tensorflow and scikit-learn.
I strongly believe in the value of 'soft skills' like communication skills and business acumen in becoming a good data scientist. I have a lot of experience in giving talks and communicating my work to different audiences e.g. academics, stakeholders and technical meetups (see my recent PyData Dublin talk here - https://youtu.be/59ck_Z75cEY).

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