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Jeffrey Avery

 United States of America

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Systems Engineer - Northrop Grumman Corporation

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Ever struggled in school and needed a bit of guidance to accomplish your goals? Know there is more you can do but just need a little extra push? Rest assured, you have come to the right place!
Jeffrey is the person for you who will help you to see your goals and generate actionable steps to make positive progress!

A little about me :). Jeffrey K. Avery graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2012 with his Bachelorโ€™s degree in Computer Science where he was a Meyerhoff Scholar. Based on these experiences, Jeff understands the frustrations that come with balancing undergraduate course work, extracurricular activities and social life. That same year, he was admitted into the Computer Science PhD program at Purdue University. He received his Masterโ€™s Degree, also in Computer Science, in 2014. Jeffrey has completed a number of successful internships, including stints at Army Research Laboratory, Johnโ€™s Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, McAfee, Inc. and also served as a cyber security intern at Sypris Electronics, Inc. These experiences introduced Jeff to industry and graduate level work. These helped him to understand how increases in work load and expectations impact day to day life as well as how to successfully navigate all of these spaces. His research interests include network security, anti-phishing and deception. In 2017, Jeff completed his PhD in computer science, where he was advised by one of the most respected researchers and practitioners in cyber security, Prof. Eugene Spafford. This experience helped Jeff to learn how to be proactive, generate achievable goals and become a professional with the desire to give back to others what was provided to me. Currently, Jeffrey works at Northrop Grumman Corporation as a Software Engineer in the Future Technical Leaders program. His interests include cyber security, phishing detection, deception, problem solving and helping others achieve.

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