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Joel Foster

 United States of America

Co-founder / Product Lead - OMGpool.org

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If you're looking to crack into Product Management, I'm your guy!

I cut my teeth in NYC tech startups for the past 8+ years, PM'ing in a wide range of industries from small business operations software, education, real estate, marketing analytics tools, and blockchain/cryptocurrency financial services--each new industry I dived head-first into, I've been able to take a lot of learnings away from applying Product Management best-practices and honing my craft through each unique situation. I'm also a self-taught coder who has used that technical prowess to be the perfect translator between business folks and engineers.

I am so incredibly passionate about helping folks level up as Product Managers (or even get their first PM gig!) because I am a huge advocate for the recognition of this role as being a CRAFT to cultivate and gain never-ending expertise in, much like software engineering. I get a lot of self-actualization from winning people over to that perspective and seeing them grow professionally through it.

A bit more about me personally: I'm a pretty international guy--half Filipino half white Texan, grew up in Brazil and Thailand (I still call Bangkok my hometown!), married a half Venezuelan half white girl from Long Island, and I love to travel any chance I get. I volunteer at a soccer charity in the mornings before work, and I spend my free time cooking delicious home-cooked meals and playing nerdy video games. In Product Management and in life, the broader your experiences, the stronger you become!

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