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Joshua Hone

 United States of America

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In early 2019 I joined the founding team of a startup with a few folks I knew from my time at Quorum. We are a software company solving a hard problem in a large and societally important market. I also enjoy talking through strategic problems on other interesting projects led by friends, whether it's helping startups grow or causes come together.

For much of the year prior, I helped Advoc8, an integrated creative marketing agency, to accelerate their growth. Advoc8 has some great people and they do world-class work. Exposure to experiential and creative marketing from inside a top 100 agency was invaluable.

I had the pleasure of building an incredible (and still growing!) team at Quorum. Quorum is a 100% bootstrapped SaaS startup building modern tools for public affairs, government relations, and grassroots advocacy.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I worked on a US Senate race in my home state during the 2012 cycle and was named to the National Advisory Board of the Young Americans for Romney coalition. After moving to DC, I spent a year at the Townsend Group, a PAC fundraising consulting firm before joining the Quorum team as the first non-engineer hire.

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