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Kerem Turgutlu

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Machine Learning Engineer 3 - Adobe

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I am a Machine Learning Engineer at Adobe. I've been in the field for over 5 years now. I have experience in various fields such as Banking, Insurance, Medicine, and Tech. My day-to-day work involves helping to build a machine learning platform for Adobe and building world-class deep learning models for diverse business use cases.

Data Science and Machine Learning are rapidly changing and improving fields. You always need to be up-to-date. My goal for my future mentees is to provide them the exact skills and knowledge they need; nothing less or nothing unnecessary. I will be aiming to give the fundamentals, best practices and state-of-the-art techniques you would need to become a real-world practitioner in the field. I will aim for your personal success whether it is for your personal growth or to ace a job interview.

I value hands-on teaching as highly as the theory. With the program that I will tailor for your needs, you will not learn things by reading but rather by doing them.

Hope to see you in the classroom!

Kerem Turgutlu

Kerem is awesome!

Testimonial by Mohamed from May 2020

Kerem has provided very useful advice on how to improve and showcase my skills. I look forward to finishing my tasks and continue working with Kerem.

Testimonial by Lizette from May 2020
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