Kyle Salter

Full Stack Engineer - The Aerospace Corporation

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React magician and Spotify playlist connoisseur focusing on clean and fast development and an emphasis on accessibility.

Open to mentoring individuals from all backgrounds and demographics as well as all levels of educations and technical skill. If there is anything I can do to be respectful of you, and help you learn more, just let me know and I'll do my best to respect it. I have prepared project ideas, to-do's, dev environment configurations, cool tools/extensions/plugins, and more! I'm more than willing to walk you through any topic or tech you are curious about. 😊

I have 4 years of industry experience in developing full stack web and mobile applications using a wide array of technology under my belt. I've specialized in React/React Native and Node/Express.I led the application development department’s competitive summer intern program and chose candidates for full time engineering positions. I reviewed resumes, conducted technical screens and on-site interviews, then selected final candidates for intern and full time positions. I know exactly how to get your resume up on a hiring manager's screen, what to study for, what to say during the interviews, as well as the inside details on what the process is like behind the curtain.

I also have educated, created learning and reference material, and supplied one-on-one coaching to a team of 4 developers with little modern JavaScript experience, the end result being the creation of a competent and well-trained React and Node full stack development team in 2 months to meet the deadline to start development of the intranet redesign.

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