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Marco Alka

Software Engineer - Robert Bosch GmbH

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Tired of staring at confusing code for hours on end? In need of a way out of the endless tutorial-cycle? Want an edge over your peers? Need a job?

I'm a professional fullstack developer, and helping hand on, a very social dev platform for stories, questions and discussions of all technical kinds. I fell in love with software development many years ago, and have since programmed in my free time, completed engineering + CS studies, and am still doing crazy software projects, like game development and embedded IoT programming, as a hobby after work. Let me show you how you can start enjoying to code and see the art behind it. You can ask me anything, however I am most proficient in web dev, linux and git.

If you want to become my mentee, please make sure that you are an open-minded person, and someone who is willing to learn the basics and theory first in order to be very practical during the execution of your knowledge.

I am based in Germany and you can have a session with me in the evening hours or during the day on weekends. In our sessions, I can support you with

- giving you mental support, because we all have anxieties, impostor syndrome and fears
- giving you constructive feedback you don't have to fear
- chatting about your goals, progress, questions, projects, ideas and more
- telling you about best practices, tips and tricks
- formulating activities in order to give you a push and get you on the right track
- giving you challenges, which help you gain experience quickly
- taking a look at source snippets and discussing best practices, optimizations, debugging, etc.

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