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Hello there! My name is Mark Tellez, and I am a code mentor and more importantly, an industry expert-level software developer. I have been doing this since 1997, when I dropped out of High School to snag a job as a web developer using HTML and some JavaScript.

I also have done a bunch of JavaScript and ReactJS videos on YouTube ( if you are interested in seeing how I work and code.

Since then I have worked for a large number of internet startups and a few of the "Giants" as well, coding in Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, and before I moved to open source languages and platforms, things like Visual Basic, C#, C++ and more.

In my spare time I am doing data science on the stock market to find good deals on stocks to buy, and I implement machine learning (mostly genetic algorithms) to solve various problems.

My favorite framework is Rails for APIs and my favorite client side library is React. As far as languages, I bounce between ruby, javascript, sql, and html/css easily and fluently.

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