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Nandu Jayakumar

 United States of America

VP of Engineering - Omniscience

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Leadership: Building & Scaling Teams, Driving Organizational Change, Fostering Culture, Mentoring
Technologies: Big Data, Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Databases, Data Visualization, Data Science, Hadoop, Spark, Cloud, Large-scale Data Pipelines, BI
Domains: Payments, Online/Mobile Advertising, Web Analytics, User Data Analysis, Enterprise Analytics

I have spent my career thinking hard about making payments safer, understanding website users better, and making ads more relevant. I am now working to make it just as easy for other people to reason about their data using Omniscience's revolutionary AI.

Earlier in my career, at Visa, I led a team built a new data platform for the entire enterprise. My work spanned data management, business intelligence, data visualization, and advanced analytics. My team was also responsible for all Data APIs that serve data both internally and to external partners.

I built Yahoo's first multi-petabyte analytical data repository, and a fully distributed data integration engine to work at that same scale. I was also part of the team that designed Yahoo's state-of-the-art web analytics system and hold multiple patents/awards for it.

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