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Nikhil Shaganti

 United States of America

Data Scientist - Facebook Inc.

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I'm a Data Science professional with 6+ years experience in the sales, marketing and automobile domain. My areas of interest include Deep Learning, Traditional Machine learning, Product Experimentation, Numerical Simulation and Optimization. I have first-hand experience of building and deploying models in the area of behavioral targeting, personalization, promo/media measurement and supply chain optimization. Currently I'm working as a Data Scientist for Facebook Inc. with specific focus on measuring the effectiveness of sales programs using machine learning and statistical techniques.

Previous Experience:
Quotient Technology Inc - Principal Data Scientist
Yamaha Motor Corp - Engineer

I've made a career transition from an Engineer at Yamaha Motor Corp to Data Scientist at Facebook Inc. I've spent significant amount of time self-learning skills required for the transition and I would love to share my knowledge.

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