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Nikhil Shaganti Quick Responder

 United States of America

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Data Scientist - Facebook Inc.

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I'm a Data Science professional with 6+ years experience in the sales, marketing and automobile domain. My areas of interest include Deep Learning, Traditional Machine learning, Product Experimentation, Numerical Simulation and Optimization. I have first-hand experience of building and deploying models in the area of behavioral targeting, personalization, promo/media measurement and supply chain optimization. Currently I'm working as a Data Scientist for Facebook Inc. with specific focus on measuring the effectiveness of sales programs using machine learning and statistical techniques.

Previous Experience:
Quotient Technology Inc - Principal Data Scientist
Yamaha Motor Corp - Engineer

I've made a career transition from an Engineer at Yamaha Motor Corp to Data Scientist at Facebook Inc. I've spent significant amount of time self-learning skills required for the transition and I would love to share my knowledge.

Nikhil was really helpful to guide me through machine learning projects and preparation for data science case studies. Highly recommend!

Testimonial by Joanne from October 2020

Nikhil is an excellent mentor!

Testimonial by Moe from December 2020
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