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Patricia Gomez Bello

Data Scientist - Crossover

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-> Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Thesis: Huaznequi (mobile in Nahuatl), a DSL to Mobile offices in Emergencies.

-> Master of Business Administration in Technologies at ESADE School, Madrid: Thesis: Web Supermarket.

-> Bachelor's degree in Software Engineer oriented to Distributed Systems and Web Services. University Iberoamericana, Puebla, México. Thesis: an application to access the governmental files of the Puebla State, México.

-> BBVA Compass living in Birmingham, Alabama, USA (more than one year); to get business requirements and technical requirements, environment management, project management and communication with the client of Enterprise and SOA Applications.

-> Being in charge of managing and coordinating teams in different locations. Principally, software factories from Accenture (DevOps teams).

-> More than 16 years of experience in software architecture: defining, integrating and developing systems on distributed environments and web services.

-> More than 20 years in Artificial Intelligence: expert systems, neural networks, voice recognition, image recognition, text recognition, natural language processing, natural language understanding, statistical machine learning models and deep learning.

-> Digital architect and software engineer in accordance with the environment (local, UAT, pre-production, production) management activities in complex architectures, principally from Enterprise and SOA applications.

-> More than twenty-eight years developing any kind of applications. When I was twelve years, I developed my first geometric game application based on the basic language.

Relevant Experience
* Technical Architecture Team Leader of SOA, enterprise applications and artificial intelligence applications in Ignite Technologies - Crossover ( product and, Airbus, Repsol, Amadeus, Gas Natural, Sabadell, Liberbank, Accenture Technology Solutions, Vodafone, BBVA Compass, Ministerio del Trabajo, Telefonica, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Volkswagen de México, Softek México, etc...

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