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Patrick Widmann


Founder & Mentor - Wombambino & Kraftprints

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Hi, I am Patrick...

+ A Startup Coach and Mentoring Manager in a Social Startup Accelerator in India
+ A passionate Founder in Germany and Asia
+ A Digital Marketing Mentor who helped >60 students to get their Udacity degree (Ranked under Top 10 in India & APAC region & nominated for Awards)
+ A Speaker who inspired more than 10.000 people in India
+ A person who loves to help individuals and companies to grow
+ A former Manager with responsibility of eight international markets worth 150m+ revenue
...Just a normal person who is motivated by helping individuals and companies to be their best - inside and outside of the business.

After a few years of working in big companies, I moved to India. My aim was to scale a Social Startup Accelerator, build cultural bridges, and most important to grow personally. I improved my knowledge in business, health, and life skills day-by-day to help and inspire other people around me.

I love to see people growing and mentoring means more than just helping in a specific task. It`s about sharing diverse insights and working towards your personal goal.

I would be more than happy to hear from you to discuss opportunities on how I can help. Looking forward to your message :)

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