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Prad Patel

 United Kingdom

Product Manager - Hudl

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I've been a Product Manager for 7 years, specialising in video and news media products. I'm experienced in running businesses, working in both startups and large organisations. I've worked in companies that don't do agile well, and businesses that do it by the book, and everything between. I've also worked with several different teams, working with Scrum and Kanban frameworks, to deliver products that people love. My key skills range across all common core PM requirements, including writing user stories, JTBD, writing behaviour driven development acceptance criteria, user interviewing, data analysis and writing compelling business cases.

I believe in giving back to the PM community, and I've been mentoring Junior Product Managers for the past 2 years. I'm keen to work with Product Managers who feel isolated or unsupported in their current roles, or want to upskill on their own skills. I'm especially keen to work with PMs who come from non-traditional backgrounds in tech (i.e. Non-CS degree, ethnic minorities, women in tech, making career switch).


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