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Rúben Paixão


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Software Engineer - diconium

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I am a full-stack software engineer with around 10 years of enterprise experience in software development, currently working as a Director of Software Developer in an European Company and Co-founder of my own business.

I've a MSc degree in Software Engineering from the University of Lisbon. I work with technologies in both backend and frontend contexts. I believe that I have a great tech stack and I always looking for the best technologies that solve the problems that I am trying to solve. This will allow me to help you find the best career path based on your needs, likes, and dislikes.

Until now I've collaborated on many complex projects, I've been mentoring hundreds of developers and I have the dream of using software to reduce unemployment rates all around the world.

My mentoring approach is based on a well-defined study plan / Bootcamp you will be able to follow during the program. This Bootcamp includes 24/7 access anytime, anywhere with the right technologies and resources to learn those technologies.
Additionally, during the mentoring program, you will develop a professional-like web application that you can use in your portfolio. I do recommend an application to develop but if you have your own ideas I can help you with those ideas. This web application will ensure you get a professional-like professional experience, receive code-review, and use the same methodologies companies use on a daily basis.

Last but not least, I have a discord community where my students can share knowledge with each other.

Great mentor, was pleasure to work with.

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